3D printer nozel acting wierd

Hi, i recently bought myself a snapmaker 2.0. I’ve been trying to get an example vase printed since 2 days. The printing nozzle is acting weird. After i send the gcode file to the printer it starts printing with filament coming out for the first 20 minutes and then the nozzle retracts a couple of centimetres and then keeps moving as if its printing for the rest of the period with no filament actually coming out. This has just left the base of the vase which probably 0.5mm tall on the printing surface which doesn’t even come out with the scrapper. Please help me with this. This is making me go nuts…

Sounds like you are starting your print with too low a Z-offset, this causes pressure buildup in the nozzle and grinding of the filament to the point where the extruder gears can no longer grip it.

thanks. that was exactly the problem. All smooth now. Thanks again.

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