A350 Wasteboard

Is there any documentation about the measurements of the A350 wasteboard?
I’d like to model a cnc and laser File, to create my own wasteboards until my pre-ordered snapmaker arrives :innocent:

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Anybody willing to measure his A350 Wasteboard for me?
Mostly I’m interested in the outer measurements and the hole positions.

Hey, here is the Pic with messurements. Please give it a heart :+1:!


Thank you very much. Now I have an entertainment for the evenings on my business trip next week :grin:
The grid with is probably 1cm?
What is the Offset of the grid point 0/0 from the edges?

on the picture below is the offset of the marked grid:
long side 12mm
short side 7mm
the messurements on the picture are from the edges

Nice thanks.
With a little luck it will be possible to reproduce the holes with the cnc and after planning the new board redraw the grid by using the laser engraver.

When you do reproduce, will you please share the DXF or whatever format you make up, as it would be super handy to have, thanks.

That was my plan. I will probably upload to thingiverse.


Thanks a lot, Do you have experience with CNC etc, can you maybe shed light on why the inserts are put in from the upper side, and not on the bottom side like i would have expected, so they pull from the bottom up, and not the top up? Wont they pull out, I am hoping to get my A350 assembled today sometime,

Sadly I’m not really experienced with cnc. But from an engineering aspect I would prefer inserts from the bottom too.
Is it possible to pull out those inserts? And what diameter do those holes have? Can anyone post an image of the bottom of the wasteboard?

Well i have not assembled yet, But have only looked at the waste board, Let me go grab some close up pics of it, and get back to you

Close Ups, Not really feasable to modify these because of the mounting holes to screw to the bed frame, but might be worthwhile if remade upping from the other side,

The meassurements for the four center fixing holes somehow don’t line up.
Could you check if the meassurements in my drawing are correct?


Hey, the middle one is 90 not 91, also with 103, i’ve mesured 102.

the others are right. :upside_down_face:

i messured too slow hihi, 102 instead of 103.
Yes its 90, i am sure now. :wink:

How thick is the original Board?

so, it is 12mm thick

I will create the model and program for 22mm

First shot is done.
now waiting till september to try it :expressionless:


Can the threaded inserts be punched out of the old wasteboard and banged back into this new one, or are they a single use sort of thing?

You can unscrew them and screw them back in again. They are not most strong inserts, but they have an outside thread as well.