A350 - Print first layers printed bend upwards at the sides

Hi All,

I’ve been using my A350 for quite a while now, printing regularly (not every day).

Now, my last few prints failed as the first layers seem to bend upwards at the sides for some reason. After a while, the printed surface gets higher than the position of the printhead. When the printhead passes (extruding or not, I don’t know) the bent area, it drags the print or the entire buildplate. I did a calibration and tried with two different glues. No change.

I’m not convinced that it’s some setting in the printer nor an error in the obj-file (that looks perfect in Luban) exported from a self-made FreeCad design.

Any ideas ?

view from bottom of print. Zigzag support is messed-up due to the upward bending

Closeup of bending

This looks like classical warping: Warping | Simplify3D Software - It may be caused by a change in the surroundings, causing air drafts to unevenly cool your print, it may be a dirty print bed (use dish washing soap to clean your bed), it also may be bad filament (did you change brand recently?). See the linked article for some more solutions. Worst case: print a raft or brim.

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Had similar issue, for me it was increasing the nozzle temperature by 10C. Different filament brands and even color change seems to have an impact. Do a test print.

It’s solved. I tried increasing the nozzle and bed temperature but even printing with a raft showed the deformation. I decided to change the nozzle and found out that, somehow, some filament in the heater tube got stuck. This caused irregular flow. I cleaned both the tube and nozzle and the issue was gone. Still wondering why the ‘slower’ flow seemed to be happening in only one specific region (extremities in the Y-axis), but not worried.
Thanks for the help.

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