A350 Linear Guide Rail Mod

A person by the name of 3DNate posted on the Facebook group about a linear guide rail mod that he did, he also made the brackets. I’m just posting them here for people to see if they want to do it.


Where can I get the horizontal “24-beam A350” parts?

What are you referring to?

At the bottom of the picture there is a bar connecting the two supports horizontally.

Where can I get these?

I am guessing that is the enclosure profile :slight_smile: . It’s not connected, the profile is under the rails as the platform is approximately the same height.

You don’t have to have the crossbar, the point of the mod is to provide support along the Y-axis.
@Franky is correct, linear rails sit on top of enclosure bottom crossbar if they are long enough.

Can anyone link a guide to actually doing this mod? That’d be super helpful!

Searching works. If you have the quick change setup you’ll need to find the new files for the adapters.

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Are any of these mods compatible with the recent Quick Swap kit?

I’m looking to mill thin pieces of aluminum.
Thinking adding stabilization before putting wear and tear on the linear motors would be wise.

I don’t remember seeing one adopted for quick swap…