A350 Enclosure Discussion - Exhaust Control?

I finally installed my enclosure. i also added the sliding rail supports.

I am struggling a bit with filament changes with the enclosure on, I have to like spin the entire machine around to get to the PTFE tubes. I am sure I will adjust to it. Now that its assembled I have one task left to figure out, getting the exhaust ran outside.

Speaking of exhaust, I am kind of surprised by the minimal chatter about enclosure control on the forum. Is there really no exhaust fan tool number to use with M106?

All i could scrape up on the forum was the following example gcode:

M1010 S3 P100 ; LED’s On at 100%
M1010 S3 P0 ; LED’s OFF

M1010 S4 P100 ; Enclosure Fan 100%
M1010 S4 P25 ; Enclosure Fan 25%
M1010 S4 P0 ; Enclosure Fan OFF

I do not know how I am supposed to use M1010 gcode to control via simplify3d though. Is it really just a thing nobody cares about or am I missing something?

The linear rail supports have been a significant gamechanger so far. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I added them.

M1010 is a custom gcode command by snapmaker. Likely since the enclosure is controlled via the can bus. You can use the gcode as-is, I personally have it in my header for any laser projects to make sure I don’t forget to turn it on.

What exactly are you trying to do with it?

I just wanted to be able to change the airflow via the standard cooling controls. I guess it doesnt matter much but it just seems like its silly that its not just defined as an environmental fan to use standard fan cooling gcode. I can turn the extruder fan at will based on the layer i am on, adjust the fan speed during events like bridging and so forth. it feels naked to not have that control with the enclosure fan.

I could break a job into a few processes in simplify3d and run a process change custom script to do it i suppose.

I had another thought about adding a heater inside of the enclosure and using the fan to help regulate the temperature, but i suppose that doesnt really involve the gcode situation anyhow.

I guess I can rig that up with a arduino or pi just the same. It just feels silly that it isnt treated like normal cooling.

Sounds like a simple use of the “add custom gcode at layer” in Prusaslicer, or using something like an if/then in the before/after layer change sections in printer settings. Could even build an entire code block and insert it wherever you want.

Or also in prusaslicer in the print settings tab, the output options has a gcode substitution area. Checking the regex box and filling in;

M106 S(\w+)
Replace with;
M106 S\1 M1010 S4 P\1

Will turn the exhaust fan on (or off) at the same power as the cooling fan. I don’t know if there’s any simplyfy3d options to match, as I’ve never used it. PS has been powerful enough to do everything I’ve needed.