A350 Enclosure - Reposition Exhaust Fan

I just purchased the A350 and enclosure. The exhaust fan located on the rear won’t fit on my workbench, so I’d like to reposition it to the top of the enclosure. Has anyone done that? Any concerns about changing the internal airflow patterns if the exhaust fan is moved to the top?

Haven’t heard of that but I don’t foresee any issues. There’s no particularly special airflow pattern to be aware of. I put a booster fan inline with mine to get higher flow, which I think is better than attempting to generate a vortex or anything fancy to improve smoke evacuation.

Thanks – that helps. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has found the particular exhaust fan location to be inconvenient, and even if it is usable by somebody, it might not be the most direct path to the exhaust point out of the workshop, so one enhancement to the enclosure product could be to provide attachment points for the exhaust fan on all of the rear, left and top sides, with a couple of small pieces of the orange panel material provided to cover the openings that aren’t used.