A350 Enclosure Configuration

Can the A350 enclosure be assembled with the doors on opposite sides? I need a “mirror” image of the enclosure to fit into the location I want to install it.

No, unfortunately not.
Since the side door mounted aluminum profiles contain openings for the glider and magnets for the sliding door.
With the front and rear upright mounted aluminum profiles it does not work because the sensor for the message door closed the magnets then no longer match and the 2nd problem is the upper horizontal profile with the light strip, this would then have to be mounted on the left side, mirror-inverted, thereby the connection of the light strips would then be at the front of the machine and no longer at the back! that is the wiring of the light strips would have to be changed, the cables would have to be extended.
But defintitv the profiles would have to be replaced because holes in the profiles are not present in all and as I said the problem that the magnets of the door closed are no longer arranged as in the normal mounted mode!!!

Actually, quite a few people have done this. I believe there are a few threads discussing this on this forum. Definitely on FB. Try searching the SM owner’s group on FB.
It’s not just a simple matter of swapping panels. You do need to do some modifications, but it can be done.
The biggest problem is with the length of the cables to the controller.
Most people take and splice and re-solder to extend the cables.


@Duane as @sdj544 has said, it can be done, and Snapmaker actually did design the enclosure with this in mind. It involves changing the locations of different components, and their orientations. However, moving the side doors to the other side will make it extremely difficult to access the Controller, so you might want to think twice before making your final decision, as moving the Controller was never part of their design.

And even if you mount the controller on the other side , what about the cable lengths , also affects the supply cable from the power supply to the controller , which is the hole for the cables now times on the right !!!
You must also consider this.
Otherwise clear that is feasible, but some cables must be extended possibly the door sensor must be modified, etc.
Whether the effort is worth it?

The cables are fine, as I said, this is part of the design that they worked out. The door sensor simply moves to the other side, the cable length is exactly the same, and everything fits very nicely with the doors swapped. You’d never know the difference, if you hadn’t seen it setup in the normal configuration.

However, you do lose easy access to the Controller, which is something most people don’t realize until after they’ve made the switch.

Can’t I just mount the controller on the other Z axis !??
Where the door is then !?

That would require reconfiguring the Snapmaker itself, in a configuration that is not supported.

Why this,
the cables of the Y-Z axis should fit exactly again.
And whether the cable of the X-axis moves from left to right or from right to left should not matter.

Why do I have to reconfigure the controller then?
I do not understand that right now !?

He wants to mirror but only the housing not the whole machine or have I read what over!

@Blauskink there are 2 options for moving the Controller to the other side:

  1. Flip the X-axis so that the cable is on the other side. If you do this, the X-axis will move in the opposite direction.
  2. Leave the X-axis as it is, and extend the cable. There isn’t a cable extender, so you’d have to cut the cable and insert an extension.

Neither of these options is supported, and it will void your warranty. If you can get the connectors to create an extension cable w/o cutting the existing cable, then your warranty MAY remain intact.

Ahhh right, I had forgotten that the cable goes on the right side of the X-axis.