A350 Dual Extrusion Head Issues

I am having issues with what I think may be a slicing issue in Luban for a dual color model. I’m trying to make this sea turtle with the body one color and the shell another.

I started with an SVG of each color group and created an STL in TinkerCAD for each. I bring it into Luban and everything lines up great.

As you can see in the pictures the green silk PLA (right extruder) isn’t putting down a full layer on the base layer. Then on the top you can see there is mismatch in layer height on the shell versus body.

The reason why I think this is a slicer issue is that I originally wanted to do green for the body and GID PLA for the shell. When i tried that, the green was on the left head and the GID was on the right head. I noticed the same thing happening with the GID on the first layer for the shell coming out of the right head.

Also, I just went through all the calibrations for the dual head righr before this. I did notice that the there was a small discrepancy on height on the breakaway model. Should I recalibrate the z-offset for the right head manually? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Update: I just performed an e-step test. The left head is pushing about 12 mm more material than the right head.

I’ve check the pinned post about e-step calibration but I am unclear on how to adjust M92 values for each specific head.