A350 control with gamepad

I’ve been thinking about ways to control my A350 in a more “natural” way, rather than using the touchscreen. I whipped up a quick prototype where I’m using an Xbox controller connect to my computer, which is running an application that sends movement commands to the printer over the serial port.

Still thinking of a good way to perform movements with more precision. My end goal is to ditch the Xbox controller and create a custom control panel to fit my needs.


nice work, like that concept, perfect for setting work origin quickly.

can you post more details.


The Xbox controller communicates with a wireless dongle connected to my pc. A C# application I wrote connects to the printer via serial, takes the input from the controller, translates it to gcode, and sends it to the printer.

I also have an implementation that works over wifi rather than serial and utilizes the HTTP API exposed by the printer. The message rate of the API is limited however, so the response time is much lower compared to serial.

If there’s interest I can upload the project to GitHub, after cleaning up the code a little.


Interest here :grinning:

dozens of us are interested in the details :slight_smile:

Great! I’m not near my computer in the coming days, so I’ll put the code on GitHub somewhere next week.

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Also interested, thank’s

What a great idea, so much more natural control.
Could you please post more details so we can replicate this.

Maybe post as a hackerday project or similar ?


@Mayco you have created exactly what i have been trying to figure out, any way you could please share the application or even the code? i would love to be able to do this with my snapmaker.

Thanks for the interest! Planning on putting it up on GitHub tomorrow.

Contracted covid so it took a bit longer and I didn’t get to polish it as much as I wanted, but the code (and binaries) can be found here:

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