A250 laser engrave & cut

Just wondering is it possible to use the laser to engrave & cut in the same file/image?
For example, I’d like to engrave an image, but after the engraving is done, I also want to cut out the image, so that I can remove excessive boarder.

I guess I could do two runs:

  1. prep the engraving file and engrave first.
  2. prep the cutting file (only outline the boarder of the image) then cut the image.
    Is there any way to combine the above two runs into one run?

Edit: I came across a vid in the Snapmaker youtube channel, and it showed that it’s possible to do engrave & cut at the same time, any tips on how to do that?


Hey, you have to load the file 2 times, the Greyscale, adapt the settings, then the vector image.
Now you could prepare the gcode with both pictures.

There is this video tutorial we made a year ago. The software used in the video is JS, which is replaced by Luban now, but it should give you some knowledge how multi-model printing works.