A suggestion for a new print head

I don’t yet have a printer, but some parts I am designing for one suggested to me a need for a new type of print head.

Dual Nozzles about 3 cm apart. One nozzle is for high res fine print using a .2mm or .15 mm hole and the other nozzle is a standard .4mm (or even larger) for mass fill sections. They would use separate spools of filament. The filaments could be same or different.

The part I’m designing (a small 30mm gear) would use fine for the gear teeth, and then the large to fill in the base of the gear where precision is not as demanding.

This should speed up printing high res parts needing a small nozzle significantly.


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Think you must create it for yourself (so you have the skills to do that )with that specific needs. They plan to make a dual printhead, but this can last a year or more - we will see.

The public github already has evidence of some work towards a dual extruder toolhead. Its not clear if it is dual nozzle, but I expect it is. Its only slicer changes for different nozzles and materials, so that should also be possible

I saw a blog on 3D printers that had a dual filament feeder to a single nozzle, basically just to change colors of filament during a print.

As for making one myself, yeah… right! The print head might be easy enough to conjure up, but the s/w is not by a long shot.

Thats my weak spot too :roll_eyes:

This is a great idea!

Hope Snapmaker thinks so too.