FEATURE REQUEST : duals fillament print-head

I would like to have a print-head (actually two adjacent printheads) that can be mounted on the SM2.0 that allows us to print with 2 fillaments.
It could then be used to:

  • print in 2 colors
  • use a different fillament for the support

It’s on their list of things in development.
Or at least on their list of things that may someday be in development.


On the list of things “they claim” might someday be in development

you know, and i know, and even they know its a buncha crap :joy:

I feel this is a little harsh. They have made good on their rotary module (even though its expensive), and there appears to be some evidence of the air filtration module, and there is evidence of work towards a more quiet linear module.

I have faith there will be a dual extruder some day… just not for a long time


A PR has been opened referencing a dual nozzle print head. SM are working on it

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Dual filaments extruders is my vote. I would use it often.

It is not because st is on a wish-list / roadmap that it is crap. Development is always about priorities, there are more ideas and problems to fix then time :wink:

Ok look, just hear me out…


Are you serious? I don’t think that’s a good and precise idea

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