Missing Screws In The 3D Module

So I have been rather disappointed with the print quality I was getting from my Snapmaker thus far. There were always weird random problems with the print. I kept thinking it was my print settings. Eventually I realized that the stepper motor in the 3d printing module kept skipping. This made me think that the module was just poorly designed with a weak stepper. In frustration I started to take the module apart to see if I could find specs on the stepper module. That was when I found this:

If you look the four screws that hold the stepper motor to the heat sink are missing. The module came that way. Also if you look the clear piece of acrylic is starting to melt. This is because it was loose and sitting on the heater cartridge. Luckily it had not caught fire.

I took the stepper motor out, cleaned up all the loose filament from inside, put it back together, and put in 4x M3 bolts and washers I had lying around to hold the stepper in place. Since then the print quality I have been getting from my printer has been absolutely amazing.

Snapmaker, I am sorry for having doubted your design. I am back to feeling I got an amazing deal on a rock solid 3d printer. The only thing I can say now is that you need to speak to your quality control people. This could have lead to a fire.

On a side note, what is the official length for the four M3 screws for holding the stepper to the heat sink? The ones I am using are a little long which is why I had to use the washers. I would like to replace them with ones of the proper length.