A module that holds a rotating calligraphic pen

I want to make a module that holds a calligraphic pen with a stepping motor that rotates it at any angle. How would you approach it with Snapmaker?

When you say “any angle” what do you mean? I’m not sure if it would be super useful to have a 6-axis calligraphic pen module, however a 3-axis module might be sufficient. You already have 3 ranges of motion with the snapmaker body itself. They would need to have small stepper motors that are utilized to change motion of a pen. If you were looking to make calligraphy with it, then a fair bit of R&D would be necessary to make the snapmaker “write like a human.”

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By “any angle” I mean essentially what calligraphers do when they rotate the pen and their hands to make their designs.

I thought about your suggestion and it makes sense that 3-axis should be enough - 2D movement for X-Y and 1D for calligraphic pen angle. I think I need also an “on-off” switch (like the laser activation/deactivation) controlling the pen “on” and “off” the page.

To do this on a Snapmaker, I may need to 3D print a rig to replace the Z-axis stepper module. Then repurpose it as a linear-to-radial rotation device. I don’t know how to convert a “laser-on signal” to “pen-on-page”. I may need to do more research.

Thanks for the reply @ADCertifiedUser

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Although you may be able to use a calligraphic font say… in Photoshop… and put it into your Luban software.You might be able to do this relatively easily. I wonder what would happen if you did this- make the text a 3d model and create a very MINIMAL extrusion- tape a pen to your printer module and BOOM, writing calligraphy! It won’t be exactly in the middle of the page, but it MIGHT work. Obviously you would want to STOP the print after the first layer was printed due to the z axis going up from there.

It’s an idea. Rasterizing a calligraphic font.

What I had in mind a machine that replicates some of the pen movement in this video https://youtu.be/XlEwoD56sYo?t=329 . That would be a novel thing to do.