How to turn Snapmaker into a plotter printer


Hi, I am an extreme novice but am learning… I have searched to find out how to run those pencil plotter attachments [](http://pencil plotter)

I’ve printed out the holder attached it to my Snapmaker but can not get any response when adjusting coordinates with no CNC, or laser module attached.

I want to convert images into drawings using my Snap maker,



As far as I know, the printer wont respond without modules attached. A simple workaround is to keep the cnc/laser module attached … probably it would be better to use laser and set the power to something like 0 or 1% (not sure if it still burns at this power)


Did you try to send the user a PM and ask him how he did it?

I see there is nothing in the Comment section either, other than another user asking for more details as well…


Hi all, Thanks for your help. I went back through various posts and discovered that the CNC module must be attached, or at least plugged in. This makes sense - Now it would be great to create a module with a pen holder, cordinates could be transmitted, but there would be no motor. Then pens, pencils, etching needles etc. could be attached and away you go.


Or perhaps something like this: []
Maybe an RJ45 jack with a dummy load could be integrated with slight modification eliminating the need for the CNC or Laser module being attached. :bulb: