Does anyone have 0.6mm nozzle profiles? for any slicer?

has anyone made a nice 0.6mm nozzle profile? my new nozzles will be here this week and trying to save some time messing around since other people here are good at making profiles

Sorry, no nozzle.profiles here - but could you send me some high resolution pictures of the PCB on the 0.6mm variant that I can take a look at the tiny resistor on it and compare some of the copper wires on it? Since Snapmaker did not add the “choose your nozzle size” function they presented in the FAQ section here to the firmware until now, I want to find out how the detection mechanism works. As soon as my 0.2mm nozzles are here, I will inspect those as well.

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o you still need a picture? i just got my nozzles. (and still no profiles… i guess i need to make my own :frowning:

Oh yes, please! :smile: Ideal would be if you can manage to get the light in such a way that you can see the copper lines on the board, but that’s difficult due to tha black coating. I’ll take whatever I get :wink:

Thanks a lot! But I fear these are not sharp enough. Could you tell me the numbers (probably three, such as “103” or such) on the small black SMD resistor that you can see on picture 1 below the gold contacts (you might need a loupe to read them)? And do you happen to have a multimeter?

Did you end up making your own 0.6mm profile? If yes, would you share it with me please :slight_smile: