A dust cover for CNC module



Have you looked at the CNCcookbook site, I am yet to wade through it. see tutorials https://www.cnccookbook.com/cnccookbook-free-g-code-tutorial-course/



@doug that’s right, you’ve been trying out the laser module. How is it? I wished i had opted to get it during the Kickstarter campaign. I will definitely get the module when they sell it.

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The laser is great. I have only tested it on 150gsm white card to test it out. Soon I will get some suitable wood, leather and acrylic pieces to test. After a bit of trial and error it is great. You will have to forgive my bad photography. The first is a test sketch from Snapmaker lasered using B&W. The second is a photo image of a friend in NY using greyscale. The greyscale image was like a photo. I look froward to trying this on other surfaces. Only your imagination is the limit.

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That’s some nice results. Can the laser be used to cut paper? For example, to make custom paper doilies or cut out intricate designs for a spray paint mask.

It would be great to see what you can do on other materials too.


Hi @kelvin8r

I have not specifically attempted to cut patterns with the laser; inadvertently achieved YES!!! hahaha.

One of my early suggestions to Snapmaker for the CNC (which I have not tested as yet) was to have a cutting knife attached to do vinyl/decal cutting.

The laser is only 200mw and does not really have enough oomph (a technical term hahaha) for cutting.

I will try at some stage to cut out some letters on 80gsm paper in the near future; unless some other user comes back that has tried it.



That card stock you used - can I get it through Amazon? thanks Jose


Hello @lasvegasjose

Any good stationery store will stock different weighted papers/card. You can get textured card or cardboard; many options are available to you. I found that around the 150gsm was the lightest weight fro good testing.

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I’ve just uploaded my own (as yet untested!) fence - the openscad files are included should you wish to make it taller (the only things I’ve CNCed are coasters).



I found this variation on a fence, which I printed:

It’s similar to the original except that it has slots to make the fence pieces fit together better. I was able to print all 5 pieces (three regular walls, one wall with a doorway, and the door) on my Snapmaker at the same time by combining them into a single STL file in Meshmixer.

SnapLinks -- Wiki

Hi doug why do you chose this print orientation like on yours first picture, mby is better to print diagonally like it was on last picture?