A350 Dust Fence

This is a dust fence for the Snapmaker 2.0 A350’s CNC function.

Even though I do have the stock enclosure, I still don’t feel like having dust flying everywhere in it. And the vacuum does not catch 100% of the dust, so I decided to create this fence. And after 8 prototypes, I’ve finally tailored a perfect fit.

If you feel generous, I would appreciate a tip for a broke college student making his way in engineering school. Support me on patreon

You would need to print 2 copies of both A and B. With Luban, I use the fast print profile with 15% infill and 15% support, 50 degrees.

The file has been uploaded to Thingiverse, but it won’t show up until 24 hours later due to me being a new user. Snapmaker A350 Dust Fence


Nice! I’ve been thinking about designing one of these myself but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll definitely check it out. (and if I decide to use it I will tip).

What school?

Thanks! I go to THE Ohio State for aerospace engineering. This took me a bit to mess around with, and prototyping probably used up 50% of my spool that came with the machine lol.

The file is live, download as you wish. Click me