A dust cover for CNC module

I designed a cover to avoid scrap flying everywhere during the CNC process.The little door is used to collect scrap. Tell me if you want the STL file.



This is a great idea!

I would be interested to hear from SnapMaker if this works. One has to keep in mind engineering specs and that the weight/balance this would alter to the base travel as it collects material and whether it would impact performance. I realise we are not adding weight from when the project is started, we are however redistributing the project weight, plus the weight of the dust cover surround.

Still, this is a clever idea, well done.

I am waiting to see if someone builds a surround case to capture vent vapors from the laser etching and 3D printing. If not I might have a go when I receive my Snapmaker… some of us are sensitive nose types.

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I’d like that STL file. I strongly suspect it’ll be very useful. Well done, sir.

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Here you are. I will upload F360 file later in case you want to modify it :wink:


Brilliant, thank you!

Well done! we just talked about it last week and you have made it this week!
Some other friends are asking this problem, I will give them your design.

Thanks again and I must say: that’s the snapmaker style~ Good job~

PS: I love the door ideal, lol

Maybe another idea ;

I’m thinking of designing my own mount for my vacuum cleaner. Then make a triple-mount for 3 smaller hoses and then smaller attachments/holes to the shield like Darren made, dust and the smallest pieces would go directly to the sides where you can easily remove the dust and bigger parts + other parts would take less time and easier to clean !

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Hi, I post the model in our Facebook goup: Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners | Facebook

To some of our users, snapmaker is their first 3D printer, they can’t print the cover directly by snapmaker 3D printer (a sad story… ). And Dale Wathen, an experienced 3D printer change it into 3 or 4 pieces so that everybody could print it:


Here is the link to download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2644455

We will collect the useful accessories in our thingiverse account so that the following users could find it and enjoy.

  1. I vote for this to go into the Showcase Area…

  2. Suggest a mod, to allow a shop vacuum hose hook up…
    (keep present door)(perhaps another door/hole-with-plug…?)

  3. Perhaps a follow-on, with slots for panes of plexiglass to to build a modifiable enclosure…
    (modifiable for the Strong CNC machine, and maybe laser-filtering plexiglass)

thanx 4 your work…

this will be one of my first SnapMaker upgrades…


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I am having issues with the link. I get a 404.

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Try https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2640428

Thank you, but I was actually looking for the one Noah posted that can be printed in pieces since it can then be printed on the snapmaker. The other one seems to be too big. I guess I could just cut it into a pieces in meshmixer myself…:thinking:

hammers are quick…


I wonder if CNC chips have any static charge…?

Or if static voltage could be induced onto the chips…

This could cause the chips to be attracted to an opposite charge, like if attached to a vacuum hose nozzle…

A dust free work space would be nice…

Could help keep the innards of SnapMaker clean also…


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Hi, the previous page is created by one of our users, it may be deleted now.
We upload it into our official account, here is the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2681764

Remember to click the “Thing Files” in the tapbar below, since the DOWNLOAD ALL FILES button doesn’t work sometimes.

thingverse is so big and messy, it’s easy to get lost…


Hi @Darren @jstncrft @Rainie

A note for other newbies. This is my second ever 3D printing project. When I loaded it in the Snapmaker3D application, the software said that the project went outside the build area due to the extra length added from the raft base. The project was loaded from side to side in the build area. So I moved the project to be diagonal , problem solved. image

I am currently printing the first fence as a fast print and it looks great.
Update 1: after printing, when I tried to separate fence from raft, it split. Now reprinting with Normal Quality to see how that goes… we live and learn.
Update 2: as soon as the fence finished printing i removed it from the raft… all good. Am now printing other sides
Update 3: All finished, fro newbies like me be careful when snapping of the gate support, I actually broke the fence to the side of the gate.



@doug thanks for the tips. Maybe one of these days when I run out of things to print i’ll try the CNC module. What’s a good “thing” to try first?

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Hi @kelvin8r

It may be a race to who uses the CNC first, I have not tried it as yet. I will share my adventure when I succeed or fail. Hopefully others will also share there experiences.

Have a great weekend