A couple of dual extruder questions

So I just got my Dual Extruder on Friday (Ordered day 1, shipped to Canada), and I’ve been reading up on a few things related to it. I had a couple of questions though:
-I noticed that the manual isn’t linked off the support site. There’s a reference to it in the quick start guide, but there’s nothing on the website yet. Is there a link to it, or has it just not been posted? (hoping that a few questions are answered in there)
-Is there a change to the extruder calibration with the new head? I’m assuming you have to save separate values for each head, so it’d be useful if the process was documented somewhere (unless, of course, it’s the same).
-The dual extruder comes with some bowden tubes, but it only says to use them with the enclosure, The is direct drive though, so is there a reason these were included? Seems like it’d just make it harder to load filaments. I’ve never used one, but my understanding is that the bowden tube style printers have the drive gear external to the print head.
-I noticed that when I switched up Luban to have the dual extruder, it gave me per-extruder material settings. If I want to do separate support/print material that makes sense, but for anything that’s multi-colour, I’m assuming you just add multiple intersecting STLs, and the slicer takes care of making it a single model? I’ll have to experiment with this a little I suppose to see what makes the most sense for bleed/overlap. I can see too tight a tolerance resulting in gaps in the model.
-I’m assuming that a filament runout on either head will result in a pause, as would an M600 in the gcode? May still use this for layer-based colour changes along with multi-filament prints.

Looking forward to having some time in the next couple of weeks to experiment with this!

Not sure here - I would calibrate anew after each toolhead change anyhow - it is unlikely that you’ll mount the same head twice in exactly the same way.

The bowden tubes ensure a tangle-free guidance into the enclosure - nothing else. I use a bowden tube even with my single-extruder - it is smoother than just guiding the filament unprotected through the enclosure hole. With two filaments I’d see the risk of filament entanglement with all hell breaking loose, so I am happy that they include the bowden tubes. The head is still direct drive, so the tubes are not required, only helpful.

That’s what I assume and what the videos on the net suggest. There was a video of a Snapmaker User testing the new head, but I cannot find it anymore, sorry. But in that the user showed exactly what you describe.

All I write is theory, I did not receive my head yet.