80cm table for the 82cm enclosure

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I just got my snapmaker 2.0 and enclosure. Woo hoo! I am trying to find something to put it on before I assemble it. Ikea tables all stop at 80cm and this says it’s 82. Could someone measure the enclosure base footprint and let me know if they think it’ll fit on an 80cm table? It’s so close I am hoping there’s a bit of overhang from the footprint and I’ll be able to get away with it.

Input welcome!

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The important dimension is the inner dimension of the frame, not the outer. I’ll explain.

The enclosure is somewhat slippery and prone to sliding sideways. It’s frame consists of aluminum extrusions whose surface treatment is fairly low-friction. Pair that with a melamine-coated tabletop (say) and you’ve got frustration in the making. It’s prudent to affix the enclosure to the top of a table or cabinet to prevent an accidental knock from becoming a disaster. One way to do that would simply screw the enclosure down to the surface, either through drilled holes or with clips. The problem is that when (not if) you want to take off the enclosure, you’ve got a bunch of hardware to wrangle.

My suggestion for keeping the enclosure from sliding is to affix cleats to the surface of the cabinet that bear against the inside of the frame. Gravity will hold the enclosure down; cleats keep it from moving sideways. Cleats could either be four square bearing against the corners or four strips bearing against the sides. Whatever you choose, the outer dimensions of the rectangle bounding the cleats should be slightly less that the inner dimensions of frame.

Outside cleats won’t work as well for this enclosure because the long sides are at a slant to the surface and not perpendicular to it. In addition, they waste space and require a larger surface.

Inner dimensions of the frame: 512 mm x 753.3 mm
Outer dimensions of the frame: 608 mm x 801 mm

The outer dimensions of the frame are a bit less than the clearance for the enclosure as a whole because of protuberances such as the rear fan.

Thanks for such a thoughtful bit of information. I will definitely consider this. I’m half tempted to go with velcro strips. I wonder how they would work? They’d be easily replaced if they get too mucked up and they’d likely hold it in place. It would also get around the hardware problem. I use them in many of videogame enclosures to temporarily attach the game nameplate to the console. It holds surprisingly well, while being easily to take apart and put back together again.

Velcro would work. It’s quite strong in shear loading, which is what you get when sliding a frame on a surface.