「5.2」The Storm Troopers


  • I’m Big fun of Starwar. Since the popular of 3D printers, I can print the Starwar toys easily and financial friendly. There are lots of Storm Trooper files on Thingiverse. But due to the complicate outlook, most of them are hard to print.
  • Here I separated the model to 2 parts. In that, we can print the 3d model easily without add support.
  • After we finish the prints, just glue them together.

Score : 5.2

  • Time: 4
  • Difficulty to Gain Materials: 6
  • Complexity: 6
  • Post-processing: 6
  • Knowledge Required: 4
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Step 1: Prepare

Required Materials:

  • Tamiya Spray Paint
  • MR.HOBBY.Inc Mr.SURFACER 1200 blocking print

Required Equipments:

  • Snapmaker 3D Printer

Required Software:

  • Snapmaker3D
  • SnapmakerJS

Required Files:


I used Snapmaker to print the shell. In the parameter section I chose “High quality” and have not added support.


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Before I post-processed the 3D Prints I glued 2 pieces of 3D prints all together by using TAMIYA putty.

Here I used MR.HOBBY.Inc – Mr.SURFACER 1200 blocking Paint and Tamiya Spray Paint white to post-process the prints. It will make the 3D prints look better.


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