3dBenchy boat adhesion issue

When I first set up snapmaker I rana 3dbenchy boat no problems. I tried running one yesterday since I’ve been having some adhesion issues, but felt I was getting it to work again. BLAST! It came off the plate around 70-75% in! When it was trying to finish the rear circular horizontal window before the roof. It seems like the nozzle cought the “edge” of the plasic there and pushed the boat off the plate. . . Has anyone else had this issue and found a way to fix it? Bit annoyed my first attempt a long time ago, it worked like first go… maybe just a fluke.

My very first print was the key ring robot thing that comes with the software. Part of the print lifted off the plate and about half way the whole thing came off the plate on I had a big mess.

The next print I used glue stick, and have used it ever since - messy, a pain to clean every once in a while, but I’ve never since had an issue with bed adhesion, except when I miss a spot with the glue.

usa laca mejor, la laca del pelo fijadora, es mucho mejor que el pegamento de barra :wink:

I tried but never had any luck with hairspray. Don’t have the money to waste on trying dozens of brands 'til I find one that works. Some have mentioned brand names, but not all brands are available worldwide, and sometimes the composition will vary from land to land.

If your nozzle is catching on the “edge”, you might want to enable Z-hop or something similar on your software. I’m not sure if you are using SnapmakerJS or some other app like Cura, Simplify3D. If SnapmakerJS does not have Z-hop, then try Cura; it’s free.

If you’re having adhesion issues, then try to calibrate the bed again. I highly recommend using a feeler gauge instead of paper. I’m still using the original rough sticker on my printer bed and it is more than a year old.

I added 2mm zhop and it worked on another print I had issues with. I will be reprinting the boat soon and we will see

I’m not familiar so far with the ‘z-hop’ functionality; can you describe that in more detail? Thanks–

Basically, when the extruder nozzle passes over an area with no print and retracts the filament it also lifts itself up. It is in one of the options if you go into snaomakerjs and customize a config.

Thanks, I’ll look for that in the SMjs settings. It does sound useful.–Charley

So, Ive been struggling with bed adhesion quite a bit. I would just like to say that snapmaker3d worked well until the firmware update, and the 2.5.2 didn’t work well for me at all, but the 2.5.4 version is working just as good if not better than the snapmaker3d did. I don’t know if this is just a glitch and I’m an outlier, but I am curious when the stable software is going to change because I feel 2.5.2 does NOT do the snapmaker justice.

Hm. Feeler gauge, like for measuring spark plug gaps? Can you point me to one you would recommend?

Yes the same feeler gauge for spark plugs. Depending on where you’re from, you can find them locally at Home Depot, Harbor Freight, or most hardware stores. Alternatively you can find them on Amazon. Basically I only use one gauge to do my calibrations; 0.05mm.