3D Printing - Nothing happens after starting

Here’s a video

Using files from the supplied usb stick, I press start, it tries to transfer, and goes back to the same screen. Happens randomly but very often, with luban or cura 4.8 generated gcode, on any usb stick as mentioned earlier.

Video also shows I am on the latest firmware 1.10.1. The about screen shows touchscreen version 1.10.0 but firmware upgrade screen shows 1.10.1

Wifi works 9/10 times for me (Just made that number up but it feels high)

I wonder why your gcode seems to be so big, is it the same model-base you shared before?
Your machine says your model is 250x355x300.

Share your current gcode, I would try again.
I suggest to try a few other usb sticks.
No more idea, may contact support, I guess it’s the thumb drive…

This is the model you shared before:

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Sorry, I did not give the same exact gcode file, but the same thing happens where it randomly decides to work. I will contact support. Thanks for helping

I’m writing this just in case someone like me finds this thread , I had exactly the same problem , I would select the file and it would say transferring to touchpad . Then nothing . Turns out if you don’t have any storage left then it won’t load , I deleted most everything in the files and now it works . Hope this helps someone .