Larger prints "shift" forward

Hi all,
Big problem here.when printing a part that is near the 125x125 max size the entire print shifts forward about 6mm at a hight of about 4mm-8mm depending on the slice thickness. I’ve tried both Snapmakerjs and Cura. This happens with parts I’ve made as well as a part from Thingiverse. Any ideas?

Which speed do you run the machine?
Travel and Printspeed?
May you post the gcode and the .stl file to doublecheck?

I’ll do that when I get home this evening. Thanks!

Some images of the shifted model and the G-code files will be greatly helpful.

If you notice the heated bed wobbles when the printer is printing or the model shifts, please follow this tutorial to tighten up the slider on the linear module.

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If you are using the enclosure now, please take the machine out and turn off door detection to print again.

You can refer to this artilce to turn off the door detection:

If the issue is solved, you can refer to this article:

Looking forward your reply.