3D Printing incorporating Electronics

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I just found this interesting article on 3D printing Incorporating electronics like LEDs and vibrating motors, circuit assemblies in Tinkercad that combine real electronics with 3D modeling so you can build interactive 3D prints.


I am not sure if this is achievable in CAD’s other than Tinkercad.

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Allready did such a thing. I added a micro switch and a color changing LED into a Ø39 mm tube printed in transparent PET.
Drawn in Solid Edge…
You can add many different things into a 3D print not only nuts and bolts, magnets and electronics.
I’m adding metal discs to some of my prints to make them heavier and get a lower point of balance.
You just have to create a hollow space for them and lay the object into it just before the topping layer starts to print.


That’s interesting. I suppose you can use sand to fill in the infills to make it a more solid object too?

But I think it would be rattling…
No problems with flat discs. Things with a hole in it (small nuts) can be tricky but I mastered all objects by now.

The nice thing with 3D printing electronics enclosures is that unlike with injection molding you can position elements in any way you like. Especially that opens up experimentation with sensor placement which can radically alter a device’s function. Even battery lids with snap features are well possible especially with the detail Snapmaker achieves. I will post something as soon as I get to it.

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Unfortunately Snapmaker is not compatible with conductive filament otherwise we could add circuitry onto, possibly even into our enclosure itself.