DIY Modules - Possible?

Out of curiosity, has anyone made their own modules? I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard, given it already has an easy mounting bracket. I was thinking something like this:

I have a very limited understanding of how the SM electronics/code works. So if I’m way off base, please let me know. But would it just be a matter of connecting the extruder to the extruder wires, and the same with the heater and thermistor? Then just calibrating the extruder and PID tune?

It’s a lot more complicated because Snapmaker uses a CAN bus for some control. Diagram here.

For some stuff on people who have looked at it, try this one.

It’s not a case of connecting up a few cables as a lot of the logic is in the individual heads.

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Then would it be possible to take the board and brain out of an existing print head, and attach everything to that? That way all the logic would be the same right?

Again, this is pretty far out of my field of expertise.

A kit where you could swap in the heads of other printers, like say the Lulzbot toolheads, would be pretty awesome.

It’s pretty unlikely, though, for three reasons:

  • there would need to be one kit for every brand or manufacturer of toolheads, if this is to be an end-user upgrade and not an engineering project

  • the manufacturers of the other toolheads would likely have to release portions of their firmware which manage those toolheads, to achieve satisfactory results

  • the aesthetics of the snapmaker toolhead would have to be scrapped

Are you referring to the CAN hub?