3d printing fails. Wtf am i doing wrong

I am having a hell of a time with 3d printing. Even just runing the default settings on the vase the print fails right away. I have updated and tried many different settings but just can not get a successful print. Wtf am i doing wrong?

Sounds frustrating =) In order to help you, I would need a little more information…

  • What printer do you have?
  • What material are you trying to print?
  • Can you describe what happends when you start a print? Video maybe?
  • Did you make sure the buildsurface is clean?
  • Have you leveled the buildplate?
  • Have you tried adjusting the distance between the nozzle and the buildsurface?

Pictures are a big help too.

perhaps it is something so simple you are looking past it. Something like using the completely wrong material. I used ABS with a pla printing profile for a week and it drove me crazy trying to figure out why my stuff wouldn’t print until I looked at the filament reel. Check all your bases! Without a general knowledge of what is going on here with your situation, we can’t really tell you much that will help your specific issue.

I am using a snapmaker a350 with the encloser. Single extruder with black pla. I use the auto leveling function before every print…

Will post video soon

Thank you

Okay. So, what issue are you running into? There are so many things that can go wrong with 3d printing. Each issue has it’s own, and very different solution. I’m going to assume it’s something going wrong with the first layer adhesion since you mention auto leveling. Make sure you set it to 5X5 leveling instead of the 3X3. I think you can go all the way to 6X6 now if I’m not mistaken. do that if you can. When having this kind of issue, it is very helpful to have a skirt around your print. Enabling the skirt allows you to look at how high or low your printer is depositing material without effecting the actual model. When starting your print, you want to slide the touchscreen to the side and go the the “Z offset” panel. Now watch as your printer starts to print the first layer. If it is depositing plastic that is barely in contact with the bed, then lower that value until the plastic is slightly, only slightly, being squished against the bed. Go too far, and your nozzle will dig into your bed.

Just a suggestion, but if you’re just getting started, an 18 hour print is probably not a good idea.

Links to the models can also be helpful. The problem could be a supports or orientation issue.

I think you got a pretty high nozzle temperature for PLA…