3D PrinterNational Has anyone ever heard of this company

its called 3D PrinterNational and before I buy from there I would like to verify that they are legit?

If anyone knows please tell me your experience.

Thank you

I’m always skeptical of online businesses who do not have a physical address in their about us or contact us pages.

Could very well be legit, but with options like Amazon, BH Photo, Adorama, I don’t know why that company would be even worth considering.

That company does not seem to have any third party reviews from TrustPilot, Google, or any other large review clearing houses.

Personally I’d pass.

they just have a decent deal on the A350. I am skeptical , just as you .

they claim to be We are an Official Distributer & Reseller for snapmaker , I reckon I verify with Snapmaker

They aren’t on the list on the snapmaker site: Global Reseller Network

But maybe that’s just not up to date, who knows

yeah I send an email to Snapmaker asking , they offer PayPal protection , but we all know how much that is worth >

@brent113 @Carpe_diem even online businesses are required to have a physical address as part of licensing laws, those that don’t are ones to be avoided. Even Amazon has a physical address. And are supposed to be visible to the public. Those that list an address that lands in the middle of nowhere or don’t list one at all or is actually a house is a very big flag for fraud.