3D Printer Reference Grid Display

I am having difficulty placing my stl files in the 3d print area in Luban. The background grid hardly shows up in my display (iMac (retina 4K) Big Sur macOS 11.2.3). In fact it only appears when I try to slice an object that doesn’t fit the build platform and trying to load it into the workspace. I fudge it to be within the build space by moving it manually by eyeball/guesstimate using the SM logo that does appear.

I will try to attach

two screen shots what I see here.

I find that adding a model doesn’t usually set the (X,Y) origin to (0,0). I’ve gotten in the habit of selecting the object, moving it to (0,0). Then again after any rotation.

Or maybe that’s Cura not Luban…

I am not sure either. I just wish there was a fix to make the build platform grid/guidelines visible on my screen.

A similar issue were reported that Snapmaker Luban can generate G-code file even the module is outside the workplace.

These bugs will be fixed in Snapmaker Luban 3.15.0.