3d printer hitting build part way through

Ok, so here’s what happened. I tried printing a 3d miniature I found on thingiverse. It completed the print, but one of the arms and the end of her weapons were more or less just a random ball of filament. So I went into Luban and added supports to her (given her size and the setup in luban it was easier said than done). I put 3 supports total, one on each of her arms and one toward the end of the sword. I generated the code when I was finished, loaded it onto the pad, and started the print. Only a few minutes in, the nozzle bumped into the print, knocking it over. It didn’t even get anywhere near where the arms would have started. I’ve tried several times to move the supports around, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Is there something I’m doing wrong in placing the supports?

Can you share the gcode? I’m curious if maybe luban is slicing incorrectly. It might be fixable by using Cura or Simplify3d.

Share the gcode and the stl.
Not everything on thingiverse is printable.
Some things are intended for resin printers.
Some just have problems/errors in the way they’re constructed.

Maybe the dreaded overhang curl striking again?
Pictures please.

Miniatures always give me lots of problems. Brims and ZHops seem to be a requirement for me. And temperature control towers, depending on the size of the figure. Swords and arms seem to be particularly difficult.

It won’t let me upload, it says new users can’t do that. I’ll google those and see if I can figure out how to do that.

Use an offsite hosting service like dropbox.


There’s some issues here. It’s important to preview your toolpaths to make sure it’s actually printable.

This prints in midair:

So does this support:

So does the foot:

All of those will fail to print, and result in an unpredictable result that could easily explain the crashes you observed.

This sword guard also prints in mid air, the arm has too much spacing to the support and is effectively printing in mid air, lots of issues with this gcode that trace back to a bad slicer set of parameters.

The support should have a clearance to the model of roughly 1 or 2 layer heights of gap. I’m seeing 4 missing layers of space between the top of the support and the bottom of the arm? That’s not going to work.

To fix this you should seriously consider using Cura with tree supports. That style of support in there now is great for certain applications, like supporting a flat overhang on a geometrical part, but there’s no good way to get a detailed hand model to begin printing in mid-air on a support like that. That’s really where Cura’s tree supports shine.

Thanks for all of the information. I couldn’t get luban to let me zoom in anywhere I needed to. for some reason it keeps the height frozen higher than the model and i haven’t found an option to allow me to move the view position. I’m still really new to this, lol, so we’re trying to figure it all out. I opened that link and am about to read into it!

I loaded your gcode into ncviewer.com, it’s great.

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