3D print stopped and orange light on controller is flashing

Hi guys,
a large 3D print suddenly stopped and the controller light is flashing orange.
The error description says “The fan at locked rotor condition stops spinning”.
Does anyone know how to resolve the problem?
Thanks and cheers

G’day Thomas, that one sounds like a siezed fan or rotor sensor fault. If you are good with G-code commands you could try sending M106 and M107 commands directly to the printer, these control the fan directly and you can check for operation. “all3d.com” have a pretty good g-code tutorial here… https://all3dp.com If that fails then a). If you are still under warranty put in a claim to Snapmaker support. or b). If not under warranty you could try stripping the print head and checking/cleaning the fan rotor shaft. If you don’t fancy that option then I’m afraid it sounds llike a new print head. I’ve not had that problem myself, but that’s how I’d play it.

Are you sure you have a 2.0 machine?

Otherwise the Artisan wiki may help you:

Oh yes, I’m sure it’s a 2.0 :slight_smile:
Actually, I don’t get any error messages on the screen. It’s just the controller flashing orange.

Thanks for the quick and helpful response. I’ll do as suggested…