3D Print HEAD STRANGE NOISE A350T+Enclosure+Canhub+Emg Button

I just bought my A350T + enclosure & Air Purifier, Emg button & CAN Hub brand new 1 week old.
when ever I print I hear a weird strange noise never present before it has me worried that the problem could get even worse.

Video link to the issue

Looks like the same issue as you created here: Weird form of electrical type noise during print a350t+ enclosure+canhub+emg button. [1week old] - #6 by Zoetmoments

Can’t tell what it is from the video, try emailing support as suggested in the other thread already.

If you’re that uncomfortable with it you can always try and return it as defective.

waiting on support to respond.

I love the product in general just wish am not facing issues so early on have only used the 3D print head to far waiting on the upgrade 10W laser to arrive to me.