3D print comes off the plate much too early

print comes off the plate after about 10 minutes of printing, despite making it grease-free with alcohol. speed reduced. I’m using pla. this roll is dry. (just to be sure I had the roll in the oven for 2 hours at 60 degrees).

Has someone an idea what’s goining wrong?

Could be the print head knocking against something. You can fix that with the z-hop settings.

You could also try printing a heavier brim, skirt, or raft. Or using something on the print bed for better grip (glue stick, hairspray, blue painter’s tape, specially-formulated adhesives like magigoo.)

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Thank u!! This gives feed for solution :muscle::hugs:

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Nice solution.

  • If the structure of the model is complex, it will need supports and the working speed should be low.
  • You need to make sure the first layer of the model sticks to the plate firmly. You can use 3D printing glue or 3D printing blue tape.


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