Snapmaker Plastic Blob

Hi all

After a week or so of use, in which I 3dprinted a couple of things (one big, the first one, and the rest small “tryouts”, trying the different fillings supports et al), i woke two nights ago to a “blob” stuck to the nozzle, which was like this.

I’ve tried scrapping it out, heating and scrapping but now I don’t know what went wrong or how to solve this. Is the “heating nozzle housing thingie” full of plastic? Do i ask for a change? HOW could I fix this?

Hey, unfortunatelly the faq page is not available now, so i describe it for you (I am no Snapmaker-Staff).

You have to heat up the nozzle, disassemble the filament and let the plastic around the hotend melt.
Open the screw which is inside the filament-door, Hex2.0.
With pliers you should be able to pull the hotend out.- attention hot!

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