3D failures recently…but only on lithos

Preformatted textI’ve been having this happen more and more lately while I’m trying to do lithophanes. Set the bed to 60 for the first two layers, and back it off to 55 for the next 10-15, then down to 50 for the remainder. Seems to never get past the first three layers anymore. Bed is cleaned regularly with iso alc and about weekly with acetone. Any advice?Preformatted text

Several things could be going on. A few:
Worn nozzle
Wet filament - how old is your filament? Has it been sitting out?
Nozzle temp (white usually needs to be a little hotter)
Gluestick always helps and never hurts for adhesion.


I have also heard to use warm water and soap once in awhile on cleaning the bed. Iso dosn’t remove all the oil. Again, it’s something I have read on these forums, have not experienced yet myself.

Filament is literally brand new lol. Just opened the bag this morning. I usually run my white between 205 and 207 and watch for issues to determine a change. I haven’t dug into this printer very far yet. Can you replace just the nozzle or do you have to swap the whole shebang?

I don’t use soap and water as often as I should on here so maybe it is time.

Being brand new out of bag doesn’t always seem to matter much.
Plenty of people have found that drying new filament improves results. Especially if the origin is a humid place as with some of the Chinese brands.

Just noticed you said acetone. Acetone should never be used on SM beds. It will ruin it. That may be your problem.

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I’ve got the roll in a dryer now so we shall see. I’ve waisted way to much time on it today lol.

Why no acetone? I thought the beds were real similar to Creality’s.
Thanks for the info and heads up.

Acetone dissolves whatever SM uses for their coating/substrate.