20W/40W Air Assist photos

As you all may know, I plan to build a cabinet (now on version 6) to house an A350 that I will get in a few months time. For personal reasons it is also a few months away from being started on.

I also plan to get the 20W Laser (40W is overkill for me).
That laser includes the Air Assist sub-system which I have to account for in my cabinet (Ver 7) redesign. Ver 6 has no room to include it.

However I cannot find any pictures or drawings of the Air Assist module and piping to include in the redesign. Where does it get power from?

Could somebody please take a few photos and some overall measurements of the system?
I’ll include it in the new version and post it back here.


I have a few pictures for you.


Length, width, height:


Air Pipe:

Air output connector in Detail:



Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Where would you normally place it with an enclosure?

From the cabling, I assume it is powered from the bed heater cable, as the heated bed is removed when using the laser???


Exactly, it should be powered from heated bed.
The Manual said you should place it outside the enclosure:

IF you have installed the Enclosure, please place the air assist pump
outside the Enclosure. Therefore, you will need to thread the air assist
pump conversion cable through the snap bushing into the Enclosure.

Here is the link to the assembly manual:

There is plenty of air hose included and I ran the cord from the air pump inside and connected the two cables inside the enclosure.

Thanks for that. I was actually trying to find that manual when I got your reply.
Helps a lot.




As promised, here is version 6.2 of a Snapmaker cabinet.

It is based on an old table I had in storage for the last 35 years.
The cabinet is constructed of 1/2 inch plywood. There are about 30 3D printed parts in it, as well as some purchased parts and a few items I had hanging around in my work shop. I will weld 4 castors to the steel table legs.

The main changes to ver 6.1 was the addition of the Air Assist pump in an empty space in the filter section and converting the 5/8 plywood construction to 1/2 inch.

The A350 is shown with the single nozzle 3D print module. I plan to have the dual nozzle, the 20W laser and the high power CNC on the quick change setup.

It is modelled in SketchUp, and if anyone wants, I can post the .skp file.
I will explain each drawing further. All 3D printed items are blue.

Basic over view of front. To the left is a storage box for the bed platens (3D print, CNC and laser) plus some thick cardboard sacrificial CNC beds.

Different angle. I have an old light duty air compressor mounted on a shelf to clean the enclosure of swarf after a CNC run. As well as a small parts drawer. All systems are controlled by the front panel. The table top has about 28 X 28 inches workspace.


All doors and drawers open. The 4 big drawers (12 X 26 X 5) are full extension. Handles are 3D printed. The 4 small drawers (5 X 12 X 3) just slide out.

Closeup of the filter section. The side is removable with thumbscrews. At the top of the section is the HEPA/Cabon filter access door, and the bottom is the dust bin. The dust bin is emptied with a vacuum cleaner attached to the removable plug. Between the drawers and the filter section is storage for 2 filters. Was just empty space.

Side panel removed. I’m using a high CFM bathroom fan as the filter exhaust fan. It will have a variable speed controller, low for 3D print, medium for laser and high for CNC. The Air Assist pump fit nicely in the upper right corner which in Ver 6.1 was unused space. The air hose just goes straight up into the enclosure.

Different angle.

Note: Bed structure not shown. The A350 (but not the enclosure) is sitting on a concrete paver as a shake damper, and that is on a thick rubber pad as a vibration damper. I also will mount the controller on a bracket to keep it in easy reach. All the power wiring (not shown) wraps around the vibration damper from back to front within the structure.

If you have questions or comments, I’m all ears. If you want more angles of the cabinet, just ask.

This is just a concept at this time and I don’t expect anyone to make it, as it is built around that table I have. But the air filter system, the printer base with the drawers could be adapted as a stand alone.

p.s. Ignore the proprietary notice bottom right on each drawing. Forgot to hide it.


Please post the .skp file. It looks like it has several nice features.

Looks great. Very practical.

This forum will not allow uploading an extension of .SKP file.
I tried renaming it to .JPG but forum could not determine the size. It’s only about 6mb in size.

So we have to find another way.

Want to try and use Sketchup warehouse? I’ve never deposited there but I do pull files, at least collada files since they aren’t supporting 2017 version.

Good idea, but can’t. Warehouse will no longer accept SU 2015 files.
They have to be 2017 or later, and my PC is 32 bit. 2017 is 64 bit.

Zip the file and try the jpg again?
If you can’t, appreciate the attempt anyway.

Good idea. But tomorrow. I have to go.

Snapmaker Cabinet - V.6.2.zip (3.6 MB)
Change .JPG extension to .SKP after unzipping. Let me know if it works.

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PERFECT!! Thanks bunches.

Wow, lots of work in that SU; drawers open/close, doors open/close. Plus a lot of novel ideas that can be used!

I also have the SU .SKP for the dual spool filament holder if you want.
That and a cabinet for the Artisan and other versions for the A350 that do not use my existing table.

I do not but maybe others would. You really went into a lot of detail in your SU model. Lots of various layers and scenes make this very useful. I just have to digest all of it! Again, thanks!