1st time CNC user

Received A350 and assembled and made the CNC test piece. Watched tutorial videos and support texts etc, however, in following the Snapmaker User Manual 2.0 CNC V1.0.0 I can not get the same screen shots on my Snapmaker Luban V 3.12.3
For example in step 4.1 under “configuration” manual shows I should be able to select either Relief, Vector or Text. But on the application “configuration” only allows me to edit “path” and “working parameters”. If I cannot select Vector how can i download a SVG file? File download does not give me this file extension option.
Totally new to this so any help would be appreciated

It’s dependent on file type for cnc.
If you use an svg you can only choose path.
Click on process. Then you can choose “on the path” “outline” or “fill”

If you import a png then you can choose relief.
For text create text in editor tab.

For anything the slightest bit complex you’ll really need to learn & use a 3rd party program like fusion 360.

Thanks sdj544. Learnt new info about svg and png and their uses. But my problem is more novice. i have created svg file in FreeCAD and cannot get SMLuban to recognize to import svg file to use the path function as you described.

Upload the svg file to here so we can take a look and see what you’re trying to do.
If you aren’t allowed to upload here yet use dropbox or something like that.

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I’m just starting. My aim is to create svg file and open in SMLuban to create gcode and to CNC engrave (3mm deep groves) in 5mm sheet of ply as an exercise. The objects are two concentric circles of 8 and 12 mm dia. Present problem is getting SMLuban to open the svg file.
The fact that SMLuban interface does not match the SM User Manual pics/instructions as mention in my first post is making it difficult for me.
Thanks for taking the time to get a tottler to start walking.

Keep poking around, you’ll get it.

The documentation issue is a well known phenomenon in software - programmers hate to write documentation. The Luban software is still changing pretty fast, and the documentation has trouble keeping up. For these kinds of things, the forum is your best bet. Read a lot, ask questions, try lots of different searches on the forum. And, if you’d like to encourage the Snapmaker team to work on the documentation a bit, hop on a forum entry like this one and add your thoughts.

I would also like to agree with the people above who said (in different words) “try a bunch of different pieces of software”. Other tools may work much better for the way your brain works than Luban. Sort of like the way I can use a paint roller really well, but a paint brush… not so well.

Finally, when you get something that works for you, post pics. Here. Or Facebook. Or wherever you hang out on the internet. That way, you can encourage the rest of us who are still learning too!


Got it! Thanks for the help - simple problem of lack of experience with program.

On Edit page top left corner is “Add” button. Allows download of custom files *.svg, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp and *.dxf