Choose cutting modes for CNC

For some graphics, I want them cut as a line, not ‘relief’ or 'black and white or ‘grey’ but Luban only offers relief. In other cases, I want to cut out a window in a small plastic box and definitely need a vector for that.
On my first use of my Snapmaker 2 350, I succeeded with the box thing but it won’t let me do it again.
Any suggestion?

It needs to be an svg file for cnc.
You can use Inkscape to “trace bitmap” and save as a simple svg.
You can also use a dxf but a lot of people have problems with them and I haven’t found the need.

When I do a simple rectangle graphic in either Coreldraw or TurboCad and export it as an SVG, I can now choose ‘vector’ but it disappears when I go to Process, and I can’t get it to produce a g-code.
It is only the CNC processing that I am having any problem with, I am having great fun with my Snapmaker 2/350.

Not familiar with either of those, but you may need to convert to paths or curves or whatever terminology your program uses. (they all seem to use different ones).
Also make sure that you’re saving as a simple svg. Some programs have a choice to export as their own variety which adds extra metadata that can cause problems.
It may be as simple as your graphic is getting deselected in Luban. Try clicking on it in the workspace or under the object list.