10w Laser Setup

The 10w laser has taken a bit to get going, but finally got to the point where it is doing the Thickness Measurement Calibration. I put down the metal calibration square, and verify the red dot is in the middle…and it instantly fails.

Reboot and try again, instant fail. What am I doing wrong?!

Well your post contains the info, that the calibration fails and a reboot doesn’t help.
How should we help you here?

Show us a picture or video.
Which printer are you using, which firmware are you running?
Do all other (if owned) modules for properly?
Did you already try to reset the machine?
Is everything properly assembled?

Everything was properly assembled. I tried a reset. Other modules were working. I was running the latest software…

Working with tech support, we ended up using a USB to refresh the firmware. Turns out, that was the issue.