10W Laser Module Camera not calibrated to work surface


I recently got the new 10W laser module along with an upgrade to my power and linear modules. I was finally able to calibrate the camera correctly using the ‘Calibrate’ feature before adding the background, however I find something odd happening when I try and record a fresh background after moving the laser head.

Upon selecting ‘Add Background’ for the initial scan, the laser goes to the normal X/Y centered position above the work surface, however the Z axis is maxed out, causing the work bed image to be smaller than the work bed itself. A subsequent scan causes the Z axis to lower slightly which ‘mostly’ brings the work bed image into the full frame, however the left side of the scan is not quite to the edge of the work bed.

I then proceeded to test engrave some rectangles in the four corners and the center of the work bed by drawing shapes to match the picture of the scan. The center rectangle was spot on. At each of the corners, the etched rectangles were set outside (both on the X and Y axis) from each of the rectangles drawn on the test board.

I have re-calibrated the actual camera with the cut paper several times, as well as ensured the image calibration was accurate prior to each image being added as a background. I don’t know if there’s something else I’m not doing (or doing wrong), but I find it frustrating that the camera calibration can’t adjust for the work bed itself. Also, why does it take two separate steps to get a valid image and not center the camera at the correct height on the first iteration?

Attached are the images for both the initial background image capture (prior to the laser head adjusting to the correct height), as well as the test etches. The rectangles were placed as closely to their respective corners as I could get, but it did require me to rotate the board. The arrow in each box represents the font of the work bed. The individual rectangles are labeled UR/UL/LR/LL/CEN for Upper Right/Upper Left/Lower Right/Lower Left/Center.

Looking for any help in getting an accurate scan for detailed laser work on non-standard work stock!

I have the most up-to-date version of firmware and Luban.

Initial Background Scan
Calibration Test


I have had the same problems since acquiring the 10w. Have spent countless hours trying to resolve. Camera may as well not be there, it is useless at this stage. The 1600mw camera was great for placement.

I just got the 10w laser a week ago, and I’m seeing something similar. I haven’t tried engraving in the corners, and it seems like when I put a piece of material on the work area and drop my image on it, it cuts out to the right dimensions, however, there’s a gap on the left side of the background, and the background image doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the work area on the right side. This prevents me from using the full width of the workspace.

Using firmware 1.14.3 and Luban 4.4.0

10W camera is mostly useless… not accurate for aligning objects, and isn’t real-time view. My Octoprint camera is far more useful, use it to monitor the laser process.