10W Laser & Luban 3.15.2 = Win

I was messing around flipping between the 1.6W and the 10W laser and I decided to see if the 10W actually works with Luban 3.15.2 aaaand it does! So I did a test by making a 1cm cube to see how accurate it was with my origin and it was off… by my origin amount? Another test reveals… Somehow Luban 3 knows how to properly calculate 0,0 on the 10W!

On my machine, which is a late model A350. My 1.6W laser module origin is X-2 Y15, and my 10W laser was X-5.5 Y9. Which I found using the method outlined in my guide here:

So using Luban 3, with the 1.6W I always had to set X over 2mm to compensate for the negative origin (my corner alignments compensated for Y so that I could keep at 0). However, during my tests using Luban 3 with the 10W (you have to select laser when starting, as it doesn’t recognize the 10W) when I do the X compensation of 5.5 it… moves it off the edge 5.5. So if I do a project in Luban 3 with the 10W laser, I apparently DO NOT have to compensate for X. As long as I use the proper corner brace, 0,0 is actually 0,0 translating in Luban.

Another fun fact; it reads the laser height properly as well. So you can use the old method of just inputting your material thickness and the focus height is right. I much prefer Luban 3, so moving forward… it will continue to be my go-to.

Off to do MOAR TESTING! Will of course update this with any new findings.

EDIT: While it could be a coincidence that my work origin just so happened to be set to 5.5,0 it’s odd. Normally the snapmaker/luban does not remember the origin on the laser and has to be set to use machine coords instead. I’m doing more tests, but at the same time, I’m still more excited about Luban 3 actually playing well with the 10W laser.

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Hmm now that’s interesting and another point to Luban 3. I made a quick thing to cut some material into smaller chunks for disposal and since it had test holes cut in it, and you can’t adjust wherever the snapmaker wants to do a thickness test (and I didn’t want to send it to the snapmaker and deal with manual thickness), I input the thickness in Luban 4 manually… aaaand it crashes into the bed! This seems to be a common problem. I ran the tool status macro and it read my laser focus height at 23mm. Yet… on the snapmaker itself it says 29mm… My 1.6W is 23mm, but it shouldn’t have been saved in the toolhead. Maybe coincidence? However, I exported the gcode file and opened Luban 3, which reads my laser height at 29mm (M1006 still reads 23mm thought). Input my material height, aaaand it ran fine. So if I DO want to run something laser via Luban, I think I’ll make it in 4, export, and run in 3.

I REALLY hate how they removed the easy view info in Luban 4… In general, I really hate Luban 4… :stuck_out_tongue:

Luban 3.15.2:

Screenshot 2022-03-30 175915
Screenshot 2022-03-30 180319

Luban 4.1.4:

Screenshot 2022-03-30 180431

I also note in Luban 4, the “Action” things don’t work for me, but they do in Luban 3 (although I don’t use them anyway viva la manual gcode input). Also as of writing, I just noticed there IS an update to Luban 4.2.2. I’ll grab it and do more testing, but I have low hopes.

EDIT: With a few quick tests (including slapping the e-stop and restarting to blank it), 4.2.2 SEEMS to have solved the height issue, but as always more testing needed.

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