10W Laser: camera capture takes over 7 minutes to receive image


I upgraded the 1600mW laser of my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 to a 10W laser. Since then I have problems with the calibration and camera capture in Liban. It takes waaay to long or fails.

When I want to add a background to Luban via camera capture there are three possible scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Luban: I get an error after a long time “maschine not matched” and Luban disconnects from the Snapmaker.
Snapmaker Log:
Start receiving image…
Wi-Fi connected.

Scenario 2:
Luban: crashes after a long time
Snapmaker Log:
Start receiving image…
Wi-Fi connected.

Scenario 3:
Luban: shows the image after 7 Minuten (no joke)
Snapmaker Log:
1676733948027,2023.02.18 15:25:48.027,DEBUG,SC,Start receiving image…
1676733958616,2023.02.18 15:25:58.616,DEBUG,SC,G-code Request Hex: AA 55 00 09 01 09 C9 4A 01 00 00 00 00 47 35 33 3B
1676733958635,2023.02.18 15:25:58.635,INFO,SC,update coordinate system…
1676733958649,2023.02.18 15:25:58.649,INFO,SC,Coordinate system updated, CS#0 X = 0.0, Y = 0.0, Z =0.0
1676733958921,2023.02.18 15:25:58.921,INFO,SC,capture photo index 0 x 232.00 y 178.00 z 290.00 f 3000
1676734336532,2023.02.18 15:32:16.532,DEBUG,SC,Image received, it takes 388506 ms.

Any ideas? I didn’t had that problems with the “slow” camera capture from the 1600mW laser.

Luban-Version: latest (4.6.1)
Firmware: latest (1.15.17)

Thank you!

just a guess, since you say the software reports machine mismatch: did you change in the Luban menu Settings > Machine Settings to the 10W laser module? Did you try to connect the computer via USB instead of Wifi? Perhaps the Wifi connection to the controller is bad, or the bluetooth connection from the camera to the controller…

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The Controller does not have WiFi or Bluetooth. You can only connect to the Controller via USB, or by proxy through a WiFi connection to the TouchPad. The camera communicates with the TouchPad over a Bluetooth connection, and the only way to connect Luban with the camera is via a WiFi connection to the TouchPad. Just be aware that if you have a WiFi connection to the TouchPad at any time during a print, and that connection is lost or otherwise disconnected for any reason, the print will abort. It’s always a good idea to drop the WiFi connection before you start a print, when using the camera.

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Thanks for clarification, I had thought the touch-pad was just a “dumb screen”, and everything was eventually going “through the controller”.

@sciss: Yes, I changes the machine settings to the 10w laser
@CNC-Maker: Thank you for the input. I didn’t know, that the camera is connected via bluetooth to the touch pad (which is the wifi-proxy for the controller).

It is therefore quite possible that the bluetooth connection is simply bad. Is there a way to verify that it could be the bluetooth connection? Can the connection can be optimized somehow?

The TouchPad is running Android, and there are a few diagnostic tools that Snapmaker uses. They can be accessed while in Developer Mode, which is entered when you go to the About page and tap on the Snapmaker image 5 times. There is also the system logs, which is what Snapmaker Support will ask you for first. The logs will usually, but not always, show some failure in the Bluetooth system if there is a hardware failure.

Use the Support button at the top of this page and navigate to the Zendesk ticketing system, which is like a chat box, and they should get back to you once they pickup the ticket.

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I think I got it.

After searching for bluetooth troubles with the Snapmaker I found this article, helping me to reset the touch pad: https://support.snapmaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500000522661-What-should-I-do-if-the-camera-sign-is-yellow-on-the-Touchscreen-

Simultaneously I researching sources causing bluetooth connection error and changed the channel of my 2,4 GHz wifi.

Now Luban receives the images within a few seconds.

Again: thanks a lot and best greetings from Germany

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