Z tower filament guide

I’ve noticed that sometimes the filament gets wrapped around the left Z tower. I don’t think it has an effect on the prints, but I figured I wanted to do something about it, and learn FreeCAD along the way.

The filament comes over a wheel, which can rotate as the toolhead moves along the X.

FreeCAD available here


Nice! do you have an STL to share too? (to make it easier for people to get and print themselves).

Carrier part
Guide part
Wheel part
Wheel pin


After using this for a few prints I wouldnt recommend it! Bit of a shame, the guide is not stable enough and causes the filament to snag on the edges. In hindsight, this is overcomplicated, and this solution is much more reliable

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All part of the design process. Thank you for updating. I like the idea of your design, but yea, sometimes simple is better.

I use something similar (this actually: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4504481) and put a layer of adhesive vinyl on the bottom lip to decrease friction - works well.