Yellow dust on the linear modules

After several prints I just saw that there is some yellowish dust on the metal cover of the linear modules. Not at the Z-axis. A little on the X-axis and the left Y-axis. Much more of the left Y-axis. Anybody an idea if this is normal???

Maybe I found the problem today. I saw a screw lying between the both Y-axis linear modules. Giving a close look under the plate I saw that almost all the screws on the inner side of the linear modules are losing.
Maybe that caused an instability of the linear modules?!

-have you been using locktide for all screws?
-is there an easy way to realign the screws without unmounting the whole printer?

Between the Splitters and the Camera you have 4 holes in the base plate. you can access the screws via there. (Assemlby Step 5 (for teh A350)) The Yellow dust is maybe Pollen form outside form trees? i Hope its not the Heatingboard beeing pulverised from the vibrations, would suck quite hard if thats the case.
I didnt use any glue/Loctite, worked so far (for teh 5 prints i did)

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Maybe, but stange thing cause the enclose is shut most time. I#remove it and wait if it comes back. Can’t imagine its Pollen…
Thanks a lot for the hint with the holes!

My first reaction was pollen too. The enclosure isn’t air tight and the fan is sucking in unfiltered air from the outside. It’s meant to keep stuff in and vented through the fan outlet, not keep stuff out.

I don’t think the screws were properly tightened when installing. Make sure that you make several passes tightening them. Sometimes you’ll think one is tight and then when you tighten another, it will make that one loose. I also try to tighten like you would a wheel on a car and work from inside out and opposite sides.
I haven’t had any problems with any screws loosening (except inside the linear module itself) and have done tons of CNC which is what would loosen them up. I didn’t use loctite either, but it wouldn’t hurt. As with anything mechanical that produces a lot of vibration you do need to check things occasionally.

I don’t have the fan running. But Maybe it’s Pollen. In fact, we do have a lot of this here. I tightened the screws now and will keep an eye on that. Re-tightening was not as complicated as I thought in the first line. If they are getting loose again I’ll use locktite. All other screws were tight.
Before I saw the loose screws I did a 9x9 auto calibration which delivered a quite reasonable result with printing a test pattern.
After pushing the printer back and force and putting the screws in again I should do a re-calibration?

Yes. Anytime you do somethign that affects bed you should recalibrate. May not change anything but doesn’t hurt to be sure.

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Sorry for the late reply.

The yellow dust does is harmless and you can swipe it with rags.

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