X and y movement superfast after job completed

After my laser completes a job the movements become very large and very fast. Only way to fix it thus far is to completely reset machine. This is fine if it’s a bigger job and once it’s completed I’m done anyway, but when running small proofs I’d like to be able to run one after the other. Ideas?


Insufficient info.
Which laser?
Which firmware version?
Which Luban version (or something else used for the laser toolpath like Lightburn)?
Did you transfer to machine from the software, or load on the USB stick then transfer to the touchscreen?
Can you show us your settings if using Luban?
Need a bit better description of the sequence of events. I’m guessing you mean the final “move laser out of the way, move table forward to ‘give’ the print to the user” sequence, but not sure.

I have noticed that Laser and 3D printing do not at all use the same units for movement speed (one is mm/min, one is mm/sec). So if you were used to the printing you might’ve set it too high. That said laser travel can be fast when not actually lasering, there’s nothing to wait for, and it shouldn’t have any risk of resistance (nozzle dragging along build plate or knocking partial print loose while crossing over print without Z-hop enabled). Only hysterisis and missed steps risk if it overdoes it…


I’m using the 10w, with Luban sending the file to the controller. But it also does it if I have it run from luban. I generate the gcode from lightburn. (All current versions.) Luban: 4.2.3, Lightburn 1.1.04, firmware for SM: 1.14.2_20220113.

And it doesn’t do it during the job only afterward when I move it in any direction using the screen or luban a 10 point jump is more like a 100 and the move is done very very rapid. I’ll see if I can get a video of before and after.


Video of the symptoms

That’s…wild all right. Now you have me curious. I don’t know that I’ve ever just plain tried jogging after lasering, I always just swap out for my next piece and start the process with another file again.

I did notice one thing though…in your video at about 1:26 or so I took this shot:

If I open Luban and go to workspace (I’m in 4.1.4 still, but regardless), and hover mouse over that field, it tells me it means:

Does NOT explain why it still does that after you disconnect and do it again from the touchscreen, so that’s a definite bug…but explains the first demonstration at least???

Unfortunatley it doesnt. Because it doesnt matter what that number is set at the carriage still goes nuts. Also to use that setting you have to have the half/half circle selected. So ya its crazy. Just figured maybe someone for SM would want to have a look at a bug. :slight_smile:

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