Wrong wifi gets chosen - how to set wifi priority?

There is a problem with my Snapmaker 2.0 always disconnecting from Luban regarding my WiFI connection. Whenever it happens, I have to either turn wifi off and back on (on the snapmaker), or reboot the Snapmaker.

Early on, I tried switching which in-house WiFI network I was connected to (5 mhz instead of 2.4 mhz). That did not help. However, sadly it meant that the Snapmaker then had the password to a new network I now wish it did not have.

Ever since then, upon reboot, the Snapmaker always connects to the wrong one of the two networks.

I cannot find in the Snapmaker interface how to “forget” a network, delete a network, or set a priority between two networks.

Can anyone point to something I’m overlooking? Thank you.

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I guess it should be no problem if connected to 2,4ghz or 5ghz because it is the same network.
I would suggest you to download a earlier version of Luban from the forum, because the latest version has a wifi disconnection bug.

Thank you. I’m guessing it should be no problem being it’s the same network, but (perhaps due to wifi bug) it does seem to be a problem. Generally speaking my wifi connectivity between Luban and the Snapmaker 2 has been very very poor.

Ehh, some times devices dont play well on 2.4 vs 5 - they are treated differently in the router on older models anyhow, newer ones do let them merge together tho

not that it solves your question or anything :frowning:

maybe if you just disable one or the other on your router the issue would go away until a solution is found

this issue comes up alot with doing alexa enabled outlets and so forth.

Technically in all the implementations that I’m aware of, the two networks are treated differently because they are actually different networks. They may have the same SSID and password, but they are from the perspective of the routers I’m familiar with, two completely different networks.

Often there is the ability to determine if both networks can “see” each other, as-in, a device on the 2.4 GHz network can send packets to a device on the 5 GHz network.

In my network I have configured this as two networks with two different names, on purpose. This forces the fast devices onto the 5 GHz network and the slow devices onto the 2.4 GHz network where spectrum is crowded.

I do not know how SM saves the network details. Renaming your networks might be a way to force the SM to use the one you want it to connect to.

Note that plenty of operating systems, notably Windows, will attempt to “help”, making troubleshooting more of a challenge.

My system is an example of what you haven’t seen, I guess then. Dual band, same SSID, same password, on the same network, and that’s the basis of client mesh networks. It’s incredibly common in enterprise. Wi Fi clients will pick the strongest signal with the same SSID, regardless of frequency, as long as the security parameters are the same.

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Thanks for the replies.

I am now having trouble connecting at all.

I now sometimes cannot connect the Snapmaker 2.0 touchscreen to wifi at all.

My touchscreen’s firmware is version 1.10.1 — dated 2020-08-22

…and that showed as the latest available the last time I had the touchscreen connected and checked.

On this Snapmaker web page … the date is shown as 2020-09-01, but the version number is the same as mine dated 2020-08-22.

Sometimes after no success, I walk away and leave it alone, and it will connect on its own much later. I am very disappointed at the spottiness and trouble with wifi regarding the touchscreen.