Work Origin Not Centered

Is there a reason that the Snapmaker always resets the work origin to an area to the top right of the plate? It would be nice when placing work material to be able to center it on the plate and estimate the work origin. It is a pain to have to set the work origin with every new project.

Can you send a video showing how you do it?

Same problem-have you figured it out yet-SM better get their act together on their SML

Share pictures or video because it’s not clear exactly what you mean.


Here is where the snapmaker defaults to as the origin. If I center a work piece, I have to adjust the origin every time I print.

Can you show pictures of the assembly of your device? There just have been too many topics about people telling the origin wasn’t right or having problems that ended up being a machine not assembled correctly. (often the y-axis overhanging the base plate, or an axis flipped around).

If you want to be sure please show pictures from front and top down of your machine where everything is visible. including the base plate and all axis.

On mine it’s not dead centered. It’s probably up and to the right 20-30mm. Which looks like it’s about what yours is doing. Wish there was a way to set the center and keep it set. I also wish the work origin would save the way it does on cnc and not reset every time. If I need to remember it I just use my phone and take a pic.

There are a few workarounds:

Mark your workpiece and move it so the work origin is correct. (blue painters tape works great if you don’t want to leave a mark)

Mark your workpiece and move the head and reset the origin.

Use run boundary and eyeball it.

Use the cnc board and laser the board lightly with a shape slightly larger than your workpiece. This is what I mostly do if I’m doing something like slate coasters that I do a bunch of. I marked my spoil board with a series of circles and squares and then just center my object on those. If you do this and use autofocus be sure to account for the extra thickness of the spoil board. Mine is 4.1mm.