Wood Burning on Skateboard Deck

Hi Group! anyone attempt to Wood-Burn/Laser Engrave on a wood skateboard deck? Bamboo or ash, etc…
Curious on the set up and transferring the Illustrator vector/SLA image, securing the board down, etc. Haven’t done any wood burning on my Snapmaker A350.

For art/decorating purposes only.

Would work just like any other piece of wood.
Two caveats:
Not sure what grip tape is made from but not sure it’s good/safe to laser. If it’s vinyl (or pvc) then definitely not. Maybe try an internet search to check. If it’s not vinyl then I’d still want to have good ventilation. Enclosure venting to the outdoors.
Same thing if there’s any type of finish and it’s not just bare wood.

Blue tape works great for holding down laser stuff.

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No grip-tape, just the pine wood blank.