Fixing the wood for laser

i would like to share this work and the way to fix the wood to table of laser work.


That’s a pretty good idea.

The Laser manual (A250 here) shows some sort of little white ‘buttons’ to hold things down. I can’t find them anywhere in my packaging, not sure they made the final shipping configuration, at least in my case.

I’m currently just using a little blob of ‘museum putty’ in 2 corners (diagonally across). Reusable, seems to grab pretty well to the anodized bed and clean off of what I’m “clamping” pretty easily, and you can squish it way down so even if you did run the laser hood over them you’re not going to bump anything.

The ones that came with it were black.
They look like feet that you press in for electronic/photo equipment.
They’re pretty useless though, so even if yours didn’t make it, no real loss.
I use either binder clips or blue tape.

Oh LOL…I used them to drop into the 4 holes you accessed the build plate attach from, clean up the bottom face of the machine / prevent crud from falling thru to my desk surface if I ever CNC. Wondered why I was bothering because dust can also get into the gap between the edge of the machine base and the enclosure bottom rail…hah.